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The voltage

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[Naar het formuleblad] Volta was an Italian scientist.

He lived from 1745 to 1827. Volta did much research on the matter of generating voltages through chemical and static sources and the measuring of these sources. The unit with which one measures the voltage is called after this scientist.

Some regularities concerning the notion "Volt".

The Definition;

1 Volt (internationally recognized measurement) is defined as the "Voltage" across a resistance of 1 Ohm generating by a current of 1 Amperè.

Unit of voltage in the Giorgi system.(also known as MKS system);
Suppose a current of 1 Amperè flows between two certain points within a conductor and inside the conductor there will be a heat production of 1 joule per second. Then, the voltage between these two points is equals 1 Volt. (U= 1V).

Symbol for voltage (Volt abbreviated to V) = U .

The so-called simplified unit system of Giorgi is based on these basic units:

           1 meter    (length)
           1 kg          (mass)
           1 sec        (time)

The MKS system.

There is a small difference between the internationally recognized unit and the absolute MKS units:

           1 internat. Volt      =       1,00034 absol. Volt

From now on the electrical voltage will be refered to as (
U) and this will be expressed as (V).

[Naar het formuleblad]

Translated by: Maria Louisa Wijdeveld


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