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[Naar het formuleblad]Ampère was a French scientist.

He lived from 1775 to 1836. During his life Amperè researched the phenomenon of the electric current and how to measure this.
To honour Amperè for the research on this phenomen the value in which the current is measured is called after him.

Some regularities concerning the notion of "Amperè".

the "Defenition";

The measurement Amperè (which is internationally recognized)is defined by the current which by passing through a diluted silvernitrate solution (AgNO3) will seperate 1,118mg of silver per second.

Unit of the value of current in the Giorgi-system (also known as MKS system);
Imagine two endless conductors (wires) with a very narrow diametre at a mutual distance of 1 mtr. which are placed in a vacuum enviroment. When the same current flows through both conductors and when the force between the conductors equals 2 x 10
--7 Newton (0,00000002 N), the current flowing through is exactly 1 Amperè (I= 1A).

Symbol for the Current (Ampère is abbreviated to A) = I .

The so-called simplified units system of Giorgi is based on the basic units:

           1 meter    (length)
           1 kg          (mass)
           1 sec        (time)

the "MKS system".

There is a small difference between the international unit and the absolute MKS units:

           1 internat. Ampère      =       0,99985 absol. Ampère

From now on we will refer to the current as (
I) and this will be expressed as (A).

[Naar het formuleblad]

Translated by: Maria Louisa Wijdeveld

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